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How to have a Sensory Friendly Fourth of July

by sensoryaccessforall


The Fourth of July can be a wonderful, jubilant celebration in the US, with parades, outdoor barbeques, and of course, fireworks.  Each of these fun activities can cause a lot of discomfort for those with sensory difficulties, so here are some ideas to help the sensory-sensitive people in your life enjoy the Fourth! Prepare Discussing…

Sensory Access and Capitol Hill Block Party

by sensoryaccessforall

Capitol Hill Block Party Concert Line up

We are so excited to announce that Sensory Access is partnering with one of Seattle’s most awesome Music Festivals this year, Capitol Hill Block Party! The iconic Capitol Hill festival takes over six blocks of Capitol Hill in Seattle for three days of local and national artists on five separate stages. This year’s lineup includes epic…

Sensory Access partners with STG Presents’ Paramount Theatre on Disney’s The Lion King

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Simba on Pride Rock

We are so excited to announce that Sensory Access has partnered with STG Presents on Disney’s The Lion King!  The Paramount Theatre will hold a Sensory-Friendly Performance on January 5th, 2019 at 2pm. Slight adjustments to lighting and sound will be made for the performance. In the downstairs theatre lobby, and on each floor, Sensory…

Springfest 2018 with Billie Eilish

  • Posted on April 23, 2018

Springfest is a two day annual festival at Washington State University, featuring local dj’s and an eclectic variety of young musicians and performers. This year, the headliners were Billie Eilish (who we will be focusing on) and Playboi Carti, and other artists included J.I.D, Gryffin, Travis Thompson, and more. Excited college students waited outside the entrance…

IDK How But They Found Me

by sensoryaccessforall

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me is a vibrant alternative rock band quickly on the rise. The Crocodile Cafe is a very intimate venue, which can have both pros and cons. The music was pretty loud, especially in the front and it was packed wall to wall. However, almost everyone in the crowd felt close…

Village Theatre Kidstage: Seussical Jr!

by sensoryaccessforall

What a lovely, lively play for young audiences!  Village Theatre’s Kidstage never disappoints, and this production of Seussical Jr is spunky, fun and full of unexpected moments.   This Seussical is not the bright colorful Truffula Trees and specks on a clover – instead, Sheady Manning, the director, imagined a modern day Seussical that reflects what…

Ready Player One Sensory Review

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  • Posted on March 31, 2018

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Right off the bat, this is definitely a sensory-overload movie – it’s meant to be, as the majority of it takes place in a virtual reality ‘game.’  We really liked the book written by Ernest Cline, and as expected, prefer the book over the movie…but the movie is never the less a fun, pleasurable experience…

Lorde at Key Arena in Seattle

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Singer Lorde emotionally singing on stage

Shows at Key Arena can be wonderful! Lorde is a very dynamic artist, and with full seating (no GA), every seat in the house was amazing, even seats on the Main Floor. Tove Styrke, the opener, was lovely, with some great hits such as “Say my Name.”  The second Act, “Run the Jewels” was a…