School of Rock at Paramount Theatre

ScA photo of Dewey and the guitarist in School of Rock, the musicalhool of Rock is a wonderful show that is currently touring and at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre May 14-19, 2019.  While there is some swearing which makes it more appropriate for the middle school and up crowd, it is a funny, heart-warming tale full of rock music and stories of finding hidden talents and learning to believe in oneself.  I’ve seen this show in New York with the original cast, performed at Village Theatre’s KidStage, and now on tour, and each time, was delighted by AndrewLloyd Weber’s music, the story, and the incredibly talent of the kids in this show – who ACTUALLY play live music on stage! The touring stage did not disappoint, and any young and old fans of rock music will enjoy this show. The show IS about Rock music, so you can expect a show with loud music, specially guitar, bass and drum.  Some scenes feature a rock concert with concert lighting and strobe-like lighting effects. The attached Sensory Guide outlines where these moments occur so you can be aware of sensory moments that may affect you or your child.  Attached you will also find a general Social Narrative for Paramount Theatre in Seattle.  If you saw the show, we’d love to hear about your experience! Sensory Guide School of Rock General Paramount Theatre Social Story  

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