We offer certification for a variety of areas through our work with the International Board of Sensory Accessibility. Whether you want to have a Certified Sensory Friendly Event, be a Certified Sensory Accessible venue, or be a Sunflower Lanyard Certified Venue, we can help.
Badge for Certified Sensory Accessible Event

A Certified Sensory Accessible event is one that meets rigurous standards about creating accessibility accommodations such as social narratives, sensory ratings, availability of sensory tools and a way for guests or patrons to get away from sensory overwhelm

Badge for Certified Sensory Friendly Venue

A sensory accessible Venue has been audited by Sensory Certified Team, and meets standards that make the venue accessible to patrons with sensory processing differences, such as a social narrative, sensory ratings, availability of sensory tools and a way for guests or patrons to get away from sensory overwhelm.

Badge showing a Sensory Friendly Event

A Certified Sensory Friendly Event is an event that has been audited and designed with the help of a Sensory Team (Individuals that have sensory processing differences); changes are made in the production volume and lighting levels,  accommodations are made for patrons/guests, and areas are set-up for sensory breaks.

Badge for Certified Sensory friendly Venue

CSF Venues are designed with universal and sensory friendly design, from lighting, acoustics, colors and textures.

Badge for Sensory Accessible Attraction

CSA Attractions are tourist attractions, theme park rides and other elements of larger venues that have been audited and rated by a Sensory Team, and where sensory tools are available.

Certificationbadge hidden Disabilities & Sensory Access

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard is an international initiative that allows those with hidden disabilities to self-identify when they wish as needing more support or time in certain venues, such as events, airports and more. Sensory Access provides certification by training staff about the lanyard, the types of patrons that may utilize the lanyard, and how to support such patrons.