Global Events

Global Events such as the World's Fair, the Olympics and Festivals require in-depth knowledge about the management of accessibility on a large scale with many stakeholders and cultural considerations. Our experience with global events is priceless!

Immersive Experiences

The most exciting environments have lots of sensory impact - we know how to make this accessible yet still maintain the creative, immersive design you have created, It's not about curtailing the experience but making it accessible to all.

Tourism Attractions

We have helped many cities and Tourism Boards create inclusion at their finest attractions, ensuring that all tourists can access their city.

Museums & Zoos

We work with many museums, zoos and aquariums to ensure that what they have built is available for all guests

Broadway & Theatre

Everyone deserves to experience live theatre, and through our unique "Sensory Accessible Season" program, many theatres are no able to make their entire season accessible to all of their patrons

Music Festivals & Concerts

We all love experiencing live music with our community, but often it is inaccessible to those with sensory difficulties. We have created entire Sensory Accessible music festivals, and work with both venues and artists to create accessible concert experiences.

Theme Parks

The thrill of a roller coaster or immersive story is such an escape for us. Sensory Access has created a variety of sensory tools designed to help individuals experience theme parks in an inclusive way.


The First Neurodivergent Accessible World’s Fair in history…

“Sensory Accessible Event certification is a first for an event in the region and in World Expo history.  When Expo 2020 Dubai welcomes the world from 1 October, people of determination will be at the forefront of the visitor experience – a fact confirmed by Expo’s international certification as a Sensory Accessible Event.
In acknowledgment of Expo’s pledge to host the most accessible and inclusive World Expo in history, it has become the first event in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia region – and the first World Expo – to receive the International Board of Sensory Accessibility (IBSA) certification. The landmark recognition was presented to Expo 2020 by Sensory Access – the body responsible for assessing Expo’s accessibility measures – at an event to mark World Autism Awareness Day (2 April), held at Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion.” Haulage News

Wonder what it’s like to have Sensory Processing difficulties? This wonderful animation provides some insight: Many autistic individuals have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. The following animation gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life. Created as part of Mark Jonathan Harris’ and Marhsa Kinder’s “Interacting with Autism.”

Director and Animator:

Miguel Jiron.