Keynote Speakers

Our team and partners consist of many individuals who speak globally on topics of accessibility and inclusion. We find it important to hold true to the phrase “Nothing about us, without us” and only represent speakers that can speak from the perspective of neurodiversity and disability.
a photo of Dr Daniela Ferdico smiling with long black wavy hair

Dr Ferdico is neurodivergent Neuropsychologist with expertise how the brain processes sensory information. She speaks about autism and other neurodiverse ways of processing the world, and the intersection of accessible technology and inclusion.  Dr Ferdico is the co-founder of Sensory Access and leads accessibility trainings, creates new accessibility tools and works with events and venues to create better access for all. She is available globally.

Izzi Ferdico is the co-founder of Sensory Access and the creator of Video Game Sensory Rating Cards. From a neurodivergent perspective, she speaks about video games, sensory accessibility, and using technology to tell stories and create experiences for all. She is available globally.

Izzi Ferdico, sittin at the base of a large tree, with long blonde hair and smiling
A photo of Steven Mifsud, MBE

Steven Mifsud, MBE  is the Deaf founder of  18 year old UK-based Direct Access, a global award winning multi-faceted disability and inclusion organization. Steven speaks globally on such topics as universal design in creating accessibility, and accessibility for mobility, hearing and visual impairments. He has most recently been the Director of Accessibility at Expo2020 Dubai and works on projects in the US, and across Europe and the UAE. He is available worldwide.

Steve Andrews spent 20 years in tech, building business software for mid-sized and enterprise companies. He is now an autistic speaker and writer, and provides training and consultation on emotional/behavioral health, Autism and disability to a wide array of audiences  including corporate, educators, healthcare, the arts, law & government and the US military. Steve is available on the west coast of North America and for remote (virtual) engagements.


photo of Steve Andrews, autistic speaker
A photo of Mateo Ferdico in a canyon

Mateo is a 16 year old speaker that speaks about how he processes the world through the lens of Autism. He has led trainings for sensory-friendly theater productions, advised on the portrayal of autistic characters in theater and film, and consulted with resorts and hotel on sensory accessible accommodations and attractions. He is available within North America.

Dave holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters of Historical Musicology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dave is  blind  author, speaker and comedian focused on demystifying the public’s perception of how to interact with people with disabilities. Blind from birth, he teaches that having a disability is not a hindrance, but an asset. As the Founder of In-sightful Living, Dave works as an accessibility consultant, aiding organizations to enhance their systems, environments, events and cultures to be supportive of people with visual disabilities. Dave is a consultant with Sensory Access, and is available within Colorado.

Photo of Dave Bahr
Autistic Actor Troy Sayer smiling on a city street, sporting a goatee

Troy Sawyer is an autistic actor, autism expert, playwright and singer. He is trained as a singer, actor and playwright with a Bachelor of Science in Performing Arts. He is available for consultation about autistic characters for film, television and theater. He works with Sensory Access as a disability consultant, and is available in the Portland and Seattle areas.

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