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Welcome to Sensory Access!

Our goal is to make all the events most people take for granted more accessible to those with sensory processing difficulties. Many autistic individuals, and those with Down Syndrome, Fragile X and other Sensory Processing Difficulties, process sensory information differently than others. Sounds, lights, textures or experiences can elicit extreme discomfort, anxiety, and even pain. For individuals that have impaired vision or hearing, we provide specific supports to allow them to access an event or venue safely. From travel destinations, global events such as the World's Fair and the Olympics, to local museums, theaters and entertainment venues, Sensory Access aims to create inclusion for those that have hidden disabilities. From sensory friendly productions, and tools for those with sensory impairments such as vision and hearing, Sensory Access can help you become the inclusive event or venue you would like to be.

Neurodiverse staff

Members of our Sensory Access Team:

a photo of Dr Daniela Ferdico smiling with long black wavy hair

Daniela Ferdico, PsyD
Dr Ferdico is a hyperacustic, neurodivergent Neuropsychologist who specializes in how the brain processes sensory information

Izzi Ferdico, sittin at the base of a large tree, with long blonde hair and smiling

Izzi Ferdico Faget
Izzi is a neurodivergent student excited to head to USC's Interactive Entertainment Program to study immersive media, game design & accessibility

A photo of Mateo Ferdico in a canyon

Mateo Ferdico Faget
Mateo is an autistic speaker who frequently speaks about his experience navigating the world through the lens of Autism

Yvette Blauvelt sits next to a window, she is wearing a blue dress and has red hair

Yvette Blauvelt
Travel Division
Yvette is an autistic traveler from South Africa, currently living in the US. She heads up our travel division.

Paige Olson
Theatre/Concert Division
Paige is hyperacoustic and has ADHD, and supports/audits many of our live events

photo of Steve Andrews, autistic speaker

Steve Andrews
Theatre & Travel Division
Steve is an autistic speaker and writer who audits a lot of our theatrical events

Autistic Actor Troy Sayer smiling on a city street, sporting a goatee

Troy Sawyer
Theatre Division/Portland
Troy is an autistic actor who heads up our Portland Division


A photo of Steven Mifsud, MBE

Steven Mifsud, MBE
Consultant | Founder of Direct Access
Steven is Profoundly Deaf & works with us frequently. He founded his firm, Direct Access, 18 years ago and works globally.

A photo of Dave Bahr smiling, wearing a blac suit against a white background

Dave Bahr
Consultant | Author
Dave is a blind author, speaker, and comedian focused on demystifying the public's perception of how to interact with people with disabilities.