Sensory Access Travel: New Travel Tips and Guides!

Welcome to Sensory Access Travel ! As a mom of a kiddo with Aspergers, I find travel both incredibly rewarding (stretch that cognitive flexibility!) and also very stressful (travel is inherently unpredictable, and therefore can be overwhelming for those with ASD).  Although we almost always experience a rough spot during one of our travels, the many benefits outweigh the moments when my kiddo needs an extra bit of support.  As a neuropsychologist and clinical director of a neurodevelopmental clinic, I hear so many stories of parents who never travel because it is too difficult to find sensory breaks, to overcome the unpredictability, the new places, etc. Our goal here at Sensory Access is to make travel possible and enjoyable for ALL families.  As both a mom and a psychologist, I see both sides – the clinical and the parent experience.  At Sensory Access Travel we are here to find awesome travel spots, tips and tools, and to work with hotels, theme parks, resorts, parks, and any travel-related businesses who value inclusion.  Look for our Road Trip Travel Tips and National Park series coming up this month!   Have you found an awesome place to travel that is sensory inclusive? Let us know in the comments below or post on Instagram with the hashtag #SensoryInclusiveTravel!

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