Lorde at Key Arena in Seattle

Shows at Key Arena can be wonderful! Lorde is a very dynamic artist, and with full seating (no GA), every seat in the house was amazing, even seats on the Main Floor. Tove Styrke, the opener, was lovely, with some great hits such as “Say my Name.”  The second Act, “Run the Jewels” was a bit harder to take, but likely great for those who enjoy an insistent rap beat with political overtones. For me as a teen, the expletives were a bit much and unneccessary in quantity, but to each their own…let’s just say this part of the evening was NOT family friendly!  I listen to quite a bit of rap such as Macklemore and Eminem, but felt the use of language here seemed a bit overdone.  Lorde however, as expected, was perfection. She graced the stage with her soulful vocals, engaging the audience and talking to the entire Arena as if she was sitting in a small restaurant. Her show was beautiful visually, from her dancers’ graceful movements, the stunning transparent box suspended above the stage and even her own dancing.  The lights were not too harsh, and the sound was well-balanced.  The staff at Key Arena was accommodating and wonderful, and the Accessibility area roomy and easy to navigate to.  Waiting to enter was the way to go in terms of avoiding a mad rush at the door.  What a beautiful, vibrant, heart-felt performance that everyone was able to enjoy!

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