grandson tour Review

We had the pleasure of accompanying an autistic guest to the newly located Crocodile to see the band grandson, as well as opening bands Royal and the Serpent and Oxymorrons. What a show!  As with all concerts, there was plenty of volume and concert lighting, but here are some sensory pointers!

grandson is a high energy, fantastic band, and as always there show is full of social activism, passion and storytelling.  The lead singer Jordan is highly engaging both when being himself and his persona during parts of the show.  His engagement with the crowd is highly interactive, from reaching out, talking with concert goers and jumping into the crowd. The guitarist Ramon is fantastic and also interactive with the crowd, and ensures that everyone feels like they are drawn into the performance. The music is mostly fast-paced, and the crowd gets quite riled up, with some moshing moments in the pit, especially when Jordan enters the crowd.

Sensory Info:
Expect lots of tactile interaction with other concert goers if you are up front or in the middle of the crowd; if you do not prefer this, we recommend staying to the sides. Volume levels are typical for a rock concert, and lighting is typical as well – some flashing but not a lot of heavy strobe lighting. This tour did not have any pyrotechnics. There was some stage fog between songs.

As always, if you have sensory concerns, bring your headphones or ear plugs, favorite fidget, and find quiet spots in the audience.  If you ever want to know some great spots ahead of time, contact us and we will connect with the venue for you ahead of time.  For example, the Crocodile Cafe, where this show was, was fantastic in accommodating our guest and creating a quiet seated spot in this all GA venue. Not all venues an do that, but knowing were some of the more calm spots are is very helpful for those of us who have sensory processing differences! 

Jordan of grandson Ramon Blanco, guitarist playing with grandson

The opening bands were also wonderful and full of energy!

Oxymorrons opened up first and had a short but fantastic and high energy set of 6 songs.

The band Oxymorrons on stage

Royal and the Serpent had a dynamic performance, with the crowd eagerly singing along.  The drummer was incredible, and even gave our guest her drumsticks from the show, which the singer Ryan Santiago then signed, making for a very happy concert goer!

Ryan Santiago of the band Royal and the Serpent on stageRyan Santiago of the band Royal and the Serpent on stage

grandons on stage at the Crocodile in Seattle

All in all this is a great tour if you are fan of any of the bands.  We’ve seen grandson on several occasions and love the energy and performance!

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