Genie+ and the Disability Access Service (DAS)

With the addition of Genie+ to the Disneyland App, the Disability Access Service (DAS) has changed. It used to be that you had to get into the park and wait int line at Guest Services to get your DAS Pass – not always easy when you have just arrived at the park and your kids want to run into the park already! Once you had the DAS Pass, you would get return times at any of the guest services green umbrellas dotted around the park – often adding some extra walking to your day. All of that has changed. Continue reading to get a full rundown of how to reserve return times before you get to the parks and make reservations right from your phone. Advance Selections You can register for DAS and reserve return times before you even leave your house! By chatting with a cast member on the Disneyland DAS page  via videochat, you can become a DAS user and reserve two advance return times per day. This eliminates the past need to visit guest services to register for DAS. However, unlike other return times, the advance selections are only valid for a one hour window.   DAS on Your Phone Before Genie+, DAS users had to speak with a cast member at a kiosk (The green umbrella stations) to reserve a return time for a ride. Now, once you are a registered DAS user, you can make these reservations right from the Disneyland app! To do this, go to the rightmost tab on the bottom board (three stacked lines), then scroll all the way down to the DAS button. From here, you can see available return times for each ride and reserve a time. However, if you’re park hopping you can only reserve times for the park you’re in. For example, if you’re starting your day in DCA, you will not be able to reserve a time for Space Mountain until you have scanned into Disneyland.   DAS Review DAS is a wonderful service! We never had to wait longer than 15 minutes in any line, and could go on the ride at any time after our return time. This allowed us to take lots of sensory breaks without worrying about missing a ride. The only issue we had is that the app would not always immediately recognize that we were in a different park when park hopping.  To fix this, just sign out of the app and then sign back in. Overall, we would absolutely recommend anyone who has difficulty with the sensory overwhelm at Disney to utilize this service.  It makes such a big difference for neurodivergent families!
See below for a brief video/screen recording of the DAS service and ride selection. There is no sound on the video.

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