Freestyle Love Supreme

ac tors on set in Freestyle Love Supreme

We were excited to be at the premiere of the touring show of Freestyle Love Supreme – a unique hip-hop style performance that is completely improvised each night based on audience suggestions. The talent of the performers is staggering, and made up for the bright stage lights that consistently shone in our eyes. Although it definitely gets loud (up to 108 dB) and there are a lot of bass drops to high pitch sounds, the uniqueness of the sounds was not as difficult for me personally as sounds often can be for me and others who have auditory sensory processing issues  – perhaps it was that most of the sound was human voices, which have a more natural quality to them then sound produced via electronic means. Whether it was that or my pure wonder of what these performers were able to create with their voices (from beatboxing sounds to powerful vocals and incredible, improvised  verses), I was able to sit through the show without my ear protection. However, have yours handy if you are acoustically sensitive, and be aware that those stage lights are way more concert like then you might be expecting for being at a theatrical show and do shine directly in  your eyes throughout the show.


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The show is in Seattle through mid-March and then heads on to a national tour!.

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