Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

As expected, this Marvel film has all of the sounds and visual glory expected from a Marvel film. There is the the fighting, amazing visual effects by Industrial Light and Magic, the superb sound and the overall, sometimes a bit complex, story line. If you are an avid follower of the MCU you will truly enjoy this film, and if you are a super avid fan you may  recognize some of the cameos (no spoilers here!!) Visually there is some strobing, so those with photosensitivity be aware. Sound was moderately loud, with a peak of 93 decibels, not bad for an action-packed Marvel film. There are definitely some intense moments, as the director Sam Raimi has a history with horror: not only did he direct the slightly more violent recent Spiderman movies, but has direct ed the Evil Dead horror films. While this is not a horror film, there are definitely some macabre moments, several death scenes that are quite intense, and some visuals that hark horror elements. It also lacked the the usual humor elements that often lighten the mood in Marvel films, so the overall feel was a bit different. As always, the best part of the film is watching it with the fantastic, inclusive Marvel-loving community. The claps and exclamations from the audience when unexpected characters come into a scene are every bit as entertaining as the movie itself. Enjoy! Sensory Rating Card for Doctor Strange inthe Multverse of Madness, with Audio rated a 4, Visual a 4 and emotional intensity a 3.

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