Sensory Access helps Hotels and Resorts create valuable services and experiences so that truly everyone can have an amazing experience. Becoming Sensory-Inclusive is a win-win for all!


Adapting hotel rooms to be Sensory-Inclusive is incredibly simple! Whether you want to offer one or twenty accessible rooms, Sensory Access will come in and provide guidance on simple changes that will make a stay at your hotel a delightful and relaxing experience for families that require additional support. Such changes can mean the difference between a poor and a fantastic experience for your guests, as well as reduce accidents on your property.


Adding services to your hotel for families with kids that have sensory disabilities can provide an amazing experience for all of your guests and can increase revenue, decrease guest issues and dramatically increase positive social media marketing. Simple additions to services such as the availability of sensory-toys, items such as weighted blankets and Social Narratives about what to expect in your hotel can create amazing experiences not only for all of your guests. Sensory Access will tour your facility and make suggestions about possible services, write a Social Narrative that you can hand out or put online, and design an app that helps families better navigate everything your hotel has to offer.


Sensory Access can help you create an overall experience for your guests with Autism and Sensory Difficulties by adapting a few rooms, creating special services and even offering additions such as a Sensory Room. Contact us today about what we can do to help all of your guests have an amazing experience at your hotel.

Indoor Sensory Room
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Inclusive Resorts

Theme parks can be exhilarating for children and families alike; but often the smells, loud sounds, crowds of people and waiting in lines can be over-stimulating to the point where the family needs to leave. Creating quiet areas, special services and accommodations can make a huge difference to those with sensory difficulties. Sensory Access can make suggestions for services and accommodations that will help!

Flight Suggestions

Sensory Access will work with Airlines by making suggestions, adding autism kits and training staff on how best to accommodate families with sensory needs.

Current Sensory-Inclusive Resorts

  • Beaches Negril, Jamaia
  • Beaches Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Beaches Turks and Caicos
  • Dolphin Suites, Curacao
  • Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach, USA
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel, USA
  • Crowne Plaza, USA
  • Kings' Island, USA
  • Clinton Inn, USA
  • Tradewinds Resort, USA
  • Autism on the Seas - Royal Caribbean
  • The Bond Hotel, UK
Indoor Sensory Room
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Theme Parks and Resorts

Whether you are headed to Disney Land, Dollywood, or another park, Sensory Access will help your family with tips for travel and experiencing your park of choice. We can provide a licensed therapist to join you and provide support throughout your vacation.

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