Theatre can be a magical experience, yet often overwhelming for autistic individuals or those with other sensory sensitivities. It is time to make theatre the inclusive experience it was meant to be.

Sensory Inclusion

Theatre can be a magical experience, yet often unexpected sounds, light flashes or emotional moments can be painful to those with sensory sensitivities. Sensory Access provides a full rundown of the show with pointers of which moments may not be Sensory-Friendly. and provides noise-reducing headphones, fidgets, scene breakdowns and social narratives..

Sensory Specific Events

Want to create a Sensory performance of your show? Sensory Access can provide ideas, staffing and support for the design and implementation of a Sensory-Friendly production.

Indoor of Paramount Theatre viewed from stage

Tips & Tricks

Quite a few things will help you be able to enjoy a live theater experience! Here's a few of our favorite tips: - bring a quiet fidget - bring noise-reducing headphones - Acquaint yourself with the story - Read through a social narrative of the theater you are attending - go outside during intermission to get away from the crowd - using seat cushions if you can't see well

Specific Shows

If you would like to see a specific show that does not have a Sensory-Inlcusion Program or Event, simply reach out to us and we will contact the venue to see what we can arrange!

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