Helping guests navigate your services.

Navigating your Venue with an app

Whether it is for the run of a Broadway show, one Sensory-Friendly Performance or for ongoing events at a museum, Sensory Access's Technology Team can build out an accessibility app that is adaptable over time to different exhibitions, shows or events.

Sensory Access apps help families navigate your venue and event, by creating a digital Social Narrative of what to expect and where to find help. The app includes Visual Communication Stickers for nonverbal communication. Give us a call to find out how much families love interacting with your event and venue through a customized app!

Sensory Access on ipad at carnival

Apps for Specific Events

Custom apps for your event are the perfect way for families to connect with the event and know what to expect. From a complete breakdown on what to expect, maps and interactive narratives, to Visual Communication Stickers, a customized app is a fantastic interactive experience for your guests for the run of a show

Sensory Access on ipad at carnival