Concerts can be a full sensory experience – too much so for those that are sensory avoidant.  At Sensory Access we feel strongly that even those with sensory difficulties should be able to attend a concert to experience live music from their favorite artist.  Find out how Sensory Access helps create safe spaces and amazing experiences.

Sporting Events

Football, soccer and even baseball are notoriously noisy and chaotic, yet even kids with sensory issues love attending sporting events to follow the thrill of the game. Sensory Access makes this possible.  By providing safe spaces and noise reduction, kids with sensory processing difficulties can experience their heroes live.

Live Theatre

Theater can be a magical experience, yet often the surprise pops of sound or flashes of light can scare children with autism or those with other sensory sensitivities. Sensory Access provides a full rundown of the show with pointers of which moments may be not sensory friendly.  Sensory Access Headphones are provided to use at each show.

Theme Parks

Theme Parks are amazing for their immersive environments – they have the ability to transport kids and adults into another world.  This same immersive experience can be overwhelming for those with sensory processing difficulties, but with a few accommodations, the ability to enjoy this magical experience with one’s family becomes a reality.

Sensory Difficulties

Some Insight:

Some people with autism have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. The following animation gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life.  Created as part of Mark Jonathan Harris’ and Marhsa Kinder’s “Interacting with Autism.” Coming in January 1st 2013, IWA is a three-year transmedia project funded by the federal Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ). University Professor Marsha Kinder, the Executive Director of the Labyrinth Project at USC, and Mark Harris are heading a team of filmmakers and artists working to build an interactive, video intensive website that will focus on the best available treatments for autism.

Director and Animator:
Miguel Jiron

Most of these moments are overwhelming because they are unexpected and there is no way to control the sensory information. Sensory Access provides previews of events as well as tools to protect sensory-sensitive individuals from moments that may be overwhelming. By knowing what to expect at what moments and having the tools to control one’s environment, we hope to help those with Sensory Processing difficulties enjoy events they, and their families are normally forced to avoid.
Whether you want to certify your venue or event as Sensory Inclusive, or just want tips on how to attend an event, Sensory Access is here to help – Drop us a note!