Sports are beloved by youth & adults alike! Sensory Access helps youth attend games safely so the whole family can enjoy the experience.

Sensory Inclusion

Football, soccer and even baseball are notoriously noisy and chaotic, yet even kids with sensory issues love attending sporting events to follow the thrill of the game. Sensory Access makes this possible. By providing safe spaces and noise reduction, kids with sensory processing difficulties can experience their heroes live

Sensory Inclusion

Training Camps

Many children on the Autism Spectrum love sports. By providing kids the opportunity to attend training camps safely, they can experience their favorite team without the chaos of a large game. Contact us for help and implementation!

Tips & Tricks

Do your kids love sports? Sensory Access is available to help your child attend a game or reach out to the team and arena to create accommodations where needed. We can provide licensed therapist to attend the game for support.