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A number of theatres across the Puget Sound offer accessibility options! Here you will find information on overall accessibility at local theatres, as well as specific events venues might be hosting.

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The Paramount Theatre

Accessibility for Mobility, Hearing, Vision Impairments and Sensory Sensitive/Autism

Accommodations offered for sensory difficulties, low vision, blindness, deafness, hard of hearing and mobility impairments.

The Paramount Theatre is a beautiful historic theatre that features Broadway shows, concerts and comedy shows. The Theatre is two levels and the second level is not accessible for those with mobility disabilities, so please request orchestra-level seating.

Sennheiser Digital RF signal transmission listening devices are available to rent free of charge at The Paramount for events on a first come, first serve basis. We carry two models: - The HDE2020-D-II, which is a one-piece with earpieces, worn to amplify the show feed. - The EK 2020-D-II, which can be used with personal headphones/earbuds or an induction neck loop for transmitting sound to hearing aids equipped with a T-coil.

Some performances are ASL and OC interpreted. Open Captioning provided by c2 (caption coalition) inc. Other performances have audio description provided by AVIA.

The Paramount Theatre is a Sensory Access certified Sensory Accessible Venue, and offers noise-reducing headphones, fidget and a Social Narrative.