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Welcome to Puget Sound Access Resource Page! Our goal is to create and maintain accessibility information across multiple disabilities in the Puget Sound area. Whether you are a community organization looking for resources, training or grants, or an individual looking for tools and agencies to help you navigate local places, we are here! We are always happy to add more resources. Please click below whether you are a community organization or an individual looking for disability access information.

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Puget Sound Access' aim is to offer cultural and community organizations resources for education, certification, funding and opportunities to share accessibility tools for those with multiple sensory difficulties/autism and those with deaf/hard of hearing, visual or mobility difficulties. We want to ensure that all organizations, no matter how small, can access these tools.

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Families and Individuals

The Puget Sound area is full of venues, organizations and people creating accessibility for families individuals that are deaf/hard of hearing, autistic, or have mobility, intellectual or visual impairments. Find them here!