The thrill of a Music Festival and it's camaraderie are priceless. Sensory Access makes it possible for everyone to have this experience!


Music Festivals are an amazing, immersive experience. It's difficult to tell what's better - seeing lots of live music or sharing that music with thousand of others. For autistic individuals, Music Festivals can seem unattainable. From the crowding at the stages and entry points, to the sound levels and unexpected events, music festivals can be a chaotic place for someone who just wants to experience their favorite band. Sensory Access works directly with festivals to create sensory-sensitive areas around the festival, arrange for safe areas to view stages, and provide tools such as noise-reducing headphones. We can provide training and staffing to create a smooth experience for staff and guests alike.


If you would like to attend a music festival but are worried about sensory issues, let us know! We work with several music festivals around the country to make the festival itself accessible, and can provide tips and support for making it through festivals where we have not yet created a partnership.

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Sensory Access Festivals

Sensory Access is proud to partner with several national music festivals this year. At partner festivals you can expect support staff, special viewing areas, separate entry and other accommodations. For specific information, look at our locations and their respective event calendars!

Support at Specific Festivals

Looking to attend a specific music festival? Contact Sensory Access and we will reach out to festival management to create accommodations and provide you with support if needed.

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