Creating the ability for Sensory-disabled youth to immerse themselves in the music of their favorite artists.

Make your venue Sensory Inclusive

Making a concert venue sensory inclusive means that care is taken to provide services that help those with sensory difficulties have the ability to immerse themselves in their favorite music. Simple changes from separate or early entry, in/out privileges, safe spaces for sitting/standing can make a huge difference in the ability for someone with sensory difficulty to enjoy a concert. Paired with our suggestions such as noise-reducing headphones, fidgets, and other individualized tips, many youth, teens and adults we have worked with have been able to experience the thrill of seeing their favorite bands in real life. At his first general admission concert, one of the youth we worked grinned from ear to ear the entire time, describing how he was able to feel the music through his body - what an amazing night. Help us create more magical concerts for all! !

Sensory Access will come out and tour your venue, take photos and make suggestions on what changes would help make your venue more inclusive - no changes to the productions are needed. For specific events, Sensory Access will bring youth to a show and provide support when needed. Once approved, your venue will be on our Partner page and on our social media platforms as a Sensory-Inclusive Venue.

Create a Sensory Friendly event

Some venues prefer to create sensory-friendly events & concerts that cater specifically to those with Autism and Sensory-impaired. Sensory Access will help you create changes to your environment and services, including the production, to create the ideal atmosphere for a Sensory-Friendly Event.

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Working with Sensory Access

Specific Tour Date

We love working directly with artists! Many autistic youth and adults and those with Sensory Impairments love music and immersing themselves in the sounds of their favorite artists - but attending concerts can be difficult due to the many sensory difficulties. Sensory Access will work with the venue to provide accommodations for your fans, and we will attend the show to provide support, allowing your fans to experience your music live. Your input to the venue helps provide this access, and means the world to your fans. Our youth often have many questions about your music, and short interviews with our media staff or emailed questions can be an incredible way for them to access your artistic viewpoint if they can not attend a show.

National Tour

If you would like to have your tour be more Sensory-accessible, we will fly out and cover the first date of your tour and make notes on unexpected things like unique lighting, fire blasters or other more intense show qualities beyond that of typical concert elements such as loud sounds, flashing lights, etc. Sometimes knowing what to expect can be half the battle for your fans with sensory difficulties! This information, as well as all of ur other services, are then available to any of your fans who wish to attend your concert.

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Tips & Tricks

If you or a loved one have always wanted to attend a concert but feel unable to do so due to sensory difficulties, please reach out to us and view or "resources" page. If you are attending an event at a non-inclusive venue, we highly recommend the following: Noise-reducing headphones or earplugs, quiet fidgets you can carry, finding a non-chaotic place to sit/stand, and touring the venue ahead of time to explore options.

Specific Events

If you have a certain concert you would like to attend and need support, please contact us! Sensory Access will tour & preview non-partnering venues, and will contact venues and artists to establish accommodations. Our staff, including experienced & licensed therapists, are available to attend shows and provide support when needed. Contact us about your favorite artists!

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